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Host your own event

Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will be officially celebrated in Australia between 2–5 June 2022, although events and activities may also be held at any time throughout the year.

Organising an event in your local community or organisation is one way to get involved in celebrating this truly immense achievement and acknowledge The Queen’s 70 years of dedication and service to Australia.

Events and activities to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee can be a casual social gathering or be more formal. You may wish use your imagination or seek to celebrate by:

  • hosting a morning or afternoon tea; or
  • working with your local community to:
    • plant/dedicate a tree in honour of The Queen
    • illuminate your local buildings in royal purple
    • dedicate a garden, building or location.

Each activity will be unique and tailored to local community but the following handy hints may assist you in planning your event. Feel free to use components of this advice to suit your activity or event.

Event program

Welcome to Country/Acknowledgment of Country

You may wish to start your proceeding with a Welcome to Country or and Acknowledgment of Country.

A Welcome to Country can only be delivered by the Traditional Owners/Custodians of the land on which the event takes place.

If a Traditional Owner is not available to do a Welcome to Country, an Acknowledgement of Country can be delivered instead.

Further information about organising a Welcome to Country or delivering an Acknowledgement of Country is available at

Acknowledge achievements

You may wish to provide some words of congratulations or deliver a speech to acknowledge The Queen’s 70 years of service to Australia and the Commonwealth. The Prime Minister’s Statement to Parliament on the Platinum Jubilee, highlights many examples of The Queen’s close connection with the people of Australia.

Loyal Toast

The Loyal Toast is traditionally proposed at formal occasions, although it can be proposed at any appropriate occasion where refreshments are being served.

The Toast is usually proposed by the host of an event. At lunch and dinners, the Loyal Toast may be offered at the conclusion of the desert and before tea and coffee is served. On less formal occasions the Loyal Toast may be offered immediately after the main course.

The toast is offered as follows:

Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand for the Loyal Toast", (wait for all to stand). “The Queen and the People of Australia.”

The toast may be followed by playing the first verse of the Australian National Anthem.

Australian National Anthem

The Australian National Anthem is an important national symbol of Australia and you may feel it may be appropriate for your occasion. When the Australian National Anthem is played at a ceremony or public event it is customary to stand.

Further information about protocols for performing the Australian National Anthem at your event is available at Australian National Anthem protocols (Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet).

The Royal Anthem

The Royal Anthem is traditionally used when Her Majesty The Queen or a member of the Royal Family is present at official and ceremonial occasions.

There are no restrictions on singing or using the Royal Anthem at a community event irrespective of any member of the Royal Family being present. When the Royal Anthem is played at a ceremony or public event it is customary to stand.

Further information about the Royal Anthem can be found at Australian National Anthem (Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet)

Protocol considerations

Referring to The Queen

The Queen's relationship to Australia is unique. In all her duties, she speaks and acts as The Queen of Australia, and not as The Queen of the United Kingdom.

Common forms to refer to The Queen in speeches are ‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’, ‘Her Majesty The Queen’, ‘Her Majesty’ or ‘The Queen’ but should you need it The Queen's formal Royal style and title in Australia is Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth.

Displaying images of The Queen

Permission may be required for commercial use of The Queen’s Images, including the creation of goods and souvenirs for sale.

  • The use of the image must be dignified and must not be used in a way that implies Royal Patronage, custom, endorsement or approval.
  • Any copyright conditions for use of the image must be respected and it is the responsibility of the user of the images to settle this with the copyright holder.

If the use of the image is not commercial, permission may not be required. However, the conditions around dignity, Royal endorsement, approval and copyright considerations still apply.

Further guidance on the use of images of The Queen is available at the Royal Family website.

Use of Royal Devices

Permission may be required for use of Royal Devices, including The Queen's Cypher and the Royal Arms.

Further guidance on the use of Royal Devices is available on the Royal Family website.

Official Portraits of The Queen

Senators and Federal Members of Parliament distribute Official Portraits of The Queen, and other Nationhood Material as part of the Nationhood Material Program. To request any Nationhood Materials you can contact the electorate office of your local Federal Member or, state or territory Senator.

Contact details for Senators and Federal Members of Parliament are available from Senators and Members (Parliament of Australia).

Flag display

The display of the Australian National Flag or any other flags at an event should be done in a dignified manner in accordance with flag protocol. The Aboriginal Flag and the Torres Strait Islander Flags may also be flown alongside with the Australian National Flag.

Further information about protocols for displaying and appropriate use of flags is outlined in Australian flags booklet.

Event promotion

Platinum Jubilee emblems

The Australian Platinum Jubilee Emblem

The Australian Government has created an Australian Platinum Jubilee Emblem for use in Australia. The emblem is available for use for all official Commonwealth, state, territory and local government events and activities and also may be used with permission by community organisations, charities and individuals for celebrations to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. Further information is available at The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Emblem .

The Australian Platinum Jubilee Emblem does not prevent the usage of The Royal Emblem and is intended to be complimentary.

The Royal Emblem

The Official Queen’s Platinum Jubilee emblem (the Royal Emblem) was released by the Royal Family in August 2021. The Royal Emblem is available for free use in accordance with the Royal guidelines.

Further information about both Emblems is available at The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Emblem.

Jubilee colours

The official colours of the Platinum Jubilee are Platinum and, Royal Purple. The colour references are outlined in the Royal Emblem guidelines

Wattle Yellow has also been included in the Australian Platinum Jubilee Emblem.

Where appropriate, these colours may be used in event decorations and promotional materials.

Social media

You may wish to promote your event or share other content on your celebrations through social media.  If you are posting content on social media, remember to use #PlatinumJubilee

You can also add a Platinum Jubilee Emblem (the Royal Emblem) gif to Instagram stories by searching 'Platinum Jubilee' in Giphy.

Other considerations

Event organisers should respect all local laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to consider venue choice, appropriate insurance, health, safety, accessibility and other event requirements. Events should also be staged in a COVIDSafe way in accordance with current health requirements within your state/territory.

Regardless of the type of event, casual or formal; it should be respectful and dignified. Permission is not require to hold an event for the Platinum Jubilee.

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is not responsible for any community events organised by individuals or organisations. Any enquiries regarding an event should be directed to the listed point of contact.

Links to external websites do not constitute an endorsement or a recommendation of any material on those sites or of any third party products or services offered by, from or through those sites. Refer to the Department of the Prime Minsiter and Cabinet disclaimer for more information.

Register your event

To register your event for listing on the Australian Platinum Jubilee website please complete the event registration form.

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